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The PEP lab team is an interdisciplinary group of researchers and students who work together towards understanding positive emotional processes and their relevance for understanding adaptive and maladaptive relevant psychological-health outcomes.
Lab Photo Archive

Lab Director

Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab - People

June Gruber, PhD

June Gruber is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado and Director of the Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Laboratory. She received her Ph.D. and B.A. from UC Berkeley, where she was an NIMH Predoctoral Fellow in Affective Science, and was previously an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Yale University before moving to CU Boulder. Dr. Gruber is a licensed clinical psychologist and has published over 100 articles and chapters, and has edited 2 books including: Positive Emotion: Integrating the Light Sides and Dark Sides and the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Positive Emotion and Psychopathology. Her work has been recognized by several early-career awards including the Association for Psychological Science's Rising Star Award and Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions, NARSAD Young Investigator Award, and Yale University's Arthur Greer Memorial Prize for Outstanding Junior Faculty. Dr. Gruber teaches courses on emotion, happiness, and abnormal psychology and has directed the Experts in Emotion Interview Series, created an online course in Human Emotion available freely through YouTube and iTunes U, and given a TEDx talk on the “dark side” of happiness. She enjoys writing columns in Slate and Scientific American, and has a new mentoring column for young scientists in Science Careers. Dr. Gruber is an Associate Editor and the former Interim Editor-in-Chief for Perspectives on Psychological Science.

Lab Coordinator

Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab - PeopleStevi Ibonie, B.A.

Stevi Ibonie is a recent graduate from UC Santa Barbara, where she obtained a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in counseling, clinical, and school psychology. In the past years, she has worked with Professor Sheri Johnson, at UC Berkeley, studying mood-disorders. From this experience, she started to become interested in how social relationships may influence the trajectories of individuals with psychopathologies. Specifically, Stevi is interested in mood and behavioral disorders, and how positive social relationships with peers may improve the prognosis of individuals experiencing mental health difficulties. She is also very interested in personality disorders, and hopes to study them in the future. She plans to go on to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, with a focus on the influence of social factors on psychopathologies. Stevi enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, such as gardening, stand up paddle-boarding, hiking, and camping. 

Grad Students

Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab - PeopleCynthia Villanueva, B.A.

Cindy received her B.A. in Psychology and Minor in Linguistics from UC Berkeley and is a primary grad student in the PEP lab. Broadly speaking, she is interested in emotion regulation and the etiology and treatment of mental illness. More specifically, Cindy is interested in how individual differences in affective language and emotion differentiation (or the degree to which people experience similar emotions as discrete) may contribute to the understanding of positive emotion disturbance in mood disorders. She is also intrigued by the potential interplay between emotional intelligence, access to mental health services, and stigmatization of psychopathology, especially amongst minority and rural populations. In her free time, she likes to read, draw, practice taekwondo, and attend local concerts.

Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab - PeopleAli Raza

Ali is a 2nd year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at CU Boulder working with Prof. Tamara Sumner and Prof. Bill Penuel and co-mentored with Dr. Gruber. His research interest includes STEM education, HCI, Information Visualization, Visual thinking, and Accessibility. He is currently investigating how visual analytics can help middle school teachers in ways that promote equity in their classroom from teaching and curriculum standards. In collaboration with the Pep lab, he is interested in learning more about emotions and quantifying methods from the field and getting trained as a cognitive scientist.

Research Assistants

Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab - PeopleJade Musinger

Jade Munsinger is a senior majoring in psychology and EBIO at CU Boulder, with a certificate in peace and conflict studies. She is currently pursuing a senior thesis on emotion regulation difficulties and bipolar risk in emerging adults during the COVID-19 global pandemic. She is excited to be a part of the PEP lab team to to expand what we know about human emotion and psychopathology. Driven by a desire to help people and make a positive difference in the world, Jade plans to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology after graduation. When not in class or lab, she enjoys her work with children and adolescents with behavioral and developmental delays at Brain Balance. With her free time, Jade also loves spending time with animals and going to concerts

Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab - PeopleReid Boyce

Reid Boyce is currently a senior majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology at CU Boulder. He is interested in studying neuroimaging and the effects of brain abnormalities as a result of emotional dysregulation and mood disorders. He hopes to gain insight into research methodology and clinical experience through the PEP lab, as well as deepen his understanding of positive emotions and psychopathology. After graduating he plans to enroll in medical school and pursue a career as a neurosurgeon. He also enjoys volunteering, swimming, spending time on the lake with his family, and riding dirt bikes.

Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab - PeopleGabrielle Kizeev

Gabrielle (Gabi) Kizeev is a senior at CU Boulder majoring in neuroscience and psychology. She is interested in exploring her broad interests in emotions and mental health at the PEP lab and is eager to expand her knowledge of research techniques in a clinical setting. After graduating, Gabi plans to go to graduate school to get a master’s degree in molecular and cellular biology with the ultimate goal of receiving a Ph.D. in neuroscience. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, exploring different cultures through travel, playing video games, and relaxing with a good book, TV show, or movie.

Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab - PeopleJuli Joachimsthaler

Juli Joachimsthaler is a junior at CU Boulder majoring in psychology. He is interested in the etiology, as well as the development of treatment for mood disorders. He is excited to engage in the practicalities of the research process through researching positive emotion dysregulation at the PEP Lab. After graduating he plans on pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, where he is motivated to continue his research training as well as receive clinical training. In his off time, he enjoys playing soccer, going snowboarding, and hiking.

Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab - PeopleElizabeth Hoelscher

Elizabeth recently graduated from CU Boulder with a B.A. in psychology and sociology with a certificate in public health at the University of Colorado Boulder. She completed her honors thesis examining emotion regulation in emerging adults at risk for mood disorders. She is currently working as a post-bac research coordinator at BRown University and remains affiliated with the PEP Lab. Specifically, Elizabeth interested in mood disorders in vulnerable populations and appropriate clinical treatments. Namely, she is especially interested in how sociological factors correlate to the emergence of psychopathology and the ability to access effective treatment. She became involved with the PEP lab to expand her knowledge of clinical research and to gain a better understanding of mood disorders, their etiology, and their day to day impacts.

Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab - PeopleMontana Ploe

Montana Ploe recently graduated from CU Boulder with a B.A. in psychology pursuing an Honors Thesis on reward dysregulation and how this might affect social support among young adults with psychopathic tendencies. She is currently the lab manager for Dr. Abigail Marsh at Georgetown University and remains affiliated with the PEP lab. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to work on an honors thesis as well as for her time as a research assistant here at the PEP lab.

Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab - PeopleAnsel & Silvan Gruber-Saucedo

Ansel and Silvan are Boulder natives and the youngest members of the PEP lab. They are deemed high on sociability and approach related positive affectivity, and current projects include enhancing emodiversity and optimizing emotion regulation skillsets. They have been known to offer advice about mixed emotions and engage in art as a medium of emotion expression in the lab.

Current Collaborators

Paulo Boggio – Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Sao Paulo, Brazil
McKell Carter – University of Colorado Boulder
Wil Cunningham – University of Toronto
Sidney D'Mello – University of Colorado Boulder
Brett Ford – University of Toronto
James Gross – Stanford University
Sheri Johnson – UC Berkeley
Dacher Keltner – UC Berkeley
Hedy Kober – Yale University
Kateri McRae – University of Denver
Iris Mauss – UC Berkeley
Greg Murray – Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Jordi Quoidbach – ESADE
Maya Tamir – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Diana Tamir – Princeton University
Jeanne Tsai – Stanford University
David Watson – University of Notre Dame
Lauren Weinstock – Brown University
Eric Youngstrom – UNC Chapel Hill
Jamil Zaki – Stanford University

Lab Alumni

(updating in progress)

University of Colorado Boulder (Recent Alumni, Fall 2017- Summer 2019): Alexandra Teague (thesis student), Stephanie Yu (thesis student, BSI scholar), Jalen Tompkins (undergrad), Heather Brown (undergrad, UROP recipient), Emily Burr (post-bac), Zachary Anderson (post-bac), Alexa Cotler (visiting undergrad), Jennie Jaggers (post-bac), Annaliese Scheer (post-bac), Prianca Thirumalai (post-bac), Liza Silverman (post-bac), Chloe Plaisance (undergrad), Hannah Milad (post-bac), Sophia Mehrota (undergrad), Patton Loop (undergrad), Anny Dow (co-thesis student, Yale w/Greg Samanez-Larkin), Corinne Sejourne (co-thesis student, Brown w/Lauren Weinstock), Sarah Hagerty (affiliated grad, primary Hutchison), Yoni Ashar (affiliated grad, primary Wager/Dimidjian), Marianne Reddan (affiliated grad, primary Wager), Hollis Karoly (affiliated grad, primary Hutchison), Emily Jensen (affiliated grad, primary D’Mello), Lucca Elroy (affiliated grad, primary D’Mello), Yael Millgram (affiliated grad, primary Tamir), Elizabeth Lemon (affiliatd grad, primary Dimidjian), William Abe (undergrad), Ellie Johnson (undergrad), Rachel Karasik (thesis student, UROP fellowship).

University of Colorado Boulder (Former Alumni, Fall 2014-Summer 2017): Keith Welker (postdoc), Margaret Tobias (grad), Alta du Pont (grad, former RA at Yale), Natasha Hansen (grad), Michael Flux Caruso (grad), Andrea Baldelli (affiliated grad, primary Mittal), Derek Dean (affiliated grad, primary Mittal), Desmond Ong (affiliated grad at Stanford, primary Zaki), Brett Ford (affiliated grad at Berkeley, primary Mauss), Monika Lohani (affiliated grad at Brandeis, primary Isaacowitz), Kasey Stanton (affiliated grad at Notre Dame, primary Watson), Gaia Cooper (thesis student, UROP recipient), Joseph Fischer (thesis student), Ksusha Kondratyuk (post-bac), Devin Brooks (post-bac), Laure Dombrecht (post-bac), Razia Sahi (post-bac), Roland Johnson (post-bac), Laura River (PRA), John Purcell (PRA), Erika Lisa, Tasha Abbott, Alexis Nyeki, Leah Bauder, Lara Wieland, Tamsen Francis Reed, Robert Tellez, Chancee Forestier, Aylah Sroloff, Spencer Young, Stephanie Frisinger, Jamie Morgan, Alex Napolitan (UROP recipient), Marit Whittle, Dylan Therwhanger, Mikaela Cail, Nyall James, Katherine Lynch, Marlene Palomar, Lauren (Sophie) Arterburn, Hugh Miller, Angelina Alvarez, Ligia Batista, Catherine Boyle, Andrew Campbell, Paige Cantliffe, Alisha Ciardi, Olivia Eggert, Melissa Gray, Tara Kengott, Alexa Pages, Skye Rowles, Joseph Truong, Yuwei Xu, Onilia Zorio, Sigrid Kite (affiliated RA, primary Dimidjian), Lynden Fasso (“”), Eva Lahmann (“”), Esha Mehta (“”), Natalie Eidson (""), Abigail Horn (“”), Luciana Massaro (“”), Inna Chang (“”), Natalie Coleman (“”), Lynden Fasso (“”), Duncan Willians (“”), Dominic Fraser (“”), Daniela Rogers (“”), Julia Stern (“”), Neeka Zarei (“”), Kayla Eversole (""), Annie Davis (“”), Julian Royce (“”), Caroline Rhoads (“”), Alex Bergay (“”), Lily Nussbaum (“”), Ariel Cain ("").

Yale University: Sunny Dutra (grad), Kirsten Gilbert (grad), Hillary Devlin (grad), Aleena Hay (grad), Amanda Purcell (grad and former lab manager), Hannah Raila (grad), Victoria Webb (affiliated grad), Jonathan Phillips (affiliated grad), Yoona Kang (affiliated grad), Vera Vine (affiliated grad), Elizabeth Tepe (affiliated grad), John Purcell (RA and former lab manager), Elizabeth Reeves (thesis student and lab manager), Adam Fields (thesis student), Franziska Goer (thesis student), Gregory Barnett (thesis student), Winfield Call (thesis student), Barbara Paradis (thesis student), Sohini Bandy (thesis student), Cristina Ruiz (thesis student), Alta du Pont, Anjali Ambani, Grace Bang, Tamara Beetham, Benjamin Billingsley, Victor Bloch, Evan Bragdon, Madeleine Broder, Cecilia Brown, Margaret Brown, Caroline Carns, Alexsandr Chandra, Francesca Coxe, Laura Dietman, Marcus Dilallo, Anny Dow, Andrew Duarte, Nicole Ellerbeck, Avtalya Feldman, Joseph Fernandez, Cody Fisher, Kristina Foster, Carter Funkhouser, Reuben Hendler, Benjamin Herron, Andrew Hill, Regina Hitchery, Faisal Syed Hussaini, Zachary Kafoglis, Natalie Lapides, Melissa Lavoie, Haikel Lim, Rowan Lockery, Nora Loughry, Bo Malin-Mayor, Payal Marathe, Ishtiaq Mawla, Christie Musket, Ashley Norris, Tiffany Pang, Emily Pfannenstiel, Vivian Phelan, Tatiana Piskyla, Jenna Poggi, John Purcell, Whitney Quackenbush, Amy Rodriguez, Jessica Rosenthal, Corinne Ruth, Julia Salinger, Jacob Saslow, Faith Schombs, Vina Seelam, Corinne Sejourne, Celinda Smith, Marlene Thompson, Nora Thompson, Daniel Turcza, Manuel Valle, Ellery Wiebe, Vicky Zhang.


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