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Dr. June Gruber - Yale Psychology - Research Methods in Happiness - Psych 231


Happiness In The Media

» Five steps to happiness (Huffington Post)
» What can policymakers learn from happiness research?(New Yorker)
» Survey Ranks Nation's Happiness (US News)
» 5 scientific reasons your idea of happiness is wrong (Cracked.com)
» Shades of Happiness(Tribune India)
» Why am I still bummed out? (Chicago Tribune)
» Pursuit of happiness can have dark side (Global Times)
» Happy People Die Younger Than Their Peers Downbeat (BBC News)
» Is Buddhism Good for Your Health?(NY Times)
» Happiest States in America: Sunshine States in the Lead(Huffington Post)
» The Rap on Happiness (NY Times)
» Happiness Ain't All It's Cracked Up to Be (New Scientist)
» Talk Deeply, Be Happy? (NY Times)
» Happiness and Career Advancement (Forbes)
» Are We Afraid to Be Happy? (Huffington Post)
» Is Happiness Declining? (ABC News)
» Patience is the Key to Happiness (Huffington Post)

Happiness Resources

» Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab
» Greater Good Science Center (UC Berkeley)
» Positive Emotion and Psychophysiology Lab (UNC-Chapel Hill)
» Positive Psychology Center (U Penn)
» Positive Psychology Laboratory (UC Riverside)
» Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory (UC Berkeley)
» Gratitude and Well-Being Laboratory (UC Davis)
» Personality and Well-Being Laboratory (SF State University)
» International Positive Psychology Association
» Subjective Well-being Laboratory (Michigan State University)
» Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory (Vassar)
» Interdisciplinary Affective Science Laboratory (Northeastern University)
» MoodTraining.Org (University of Pittsburgh)

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