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Happiness In The Media

» Five steps to happiness (Huffington Post)
» What can policymakers learn from happiness research?(New Yorker)
» Survey Ranks Nation's Happiness (US News)
» 5 scientific reasons your idea of happiness is wrong (Cracked.com)
» Shades of Happiness(Tribune India)
» Why am I still bummed out? (Chicago Tribune)
» Pursuit of happiness can have dark side (Global Times)
» Happy People Die Younger Than Their Peers Downbeat (BBC News)
» Is Buddhism Good for Your Health?(NY Times)
» Happiest States in America: Sunshine States in the Lead(Huffington Post)
» The Rap on Happiness (NY Times)
» Happiness Ain't All It's Cracked Up to Be (New Scientist)
» Talk Deeply, Be Happy? (NY Times)
» Happiness and Career Advancement (Forbes)
» Are We Afraid to Be Happy? (Huffington Post)
» Is Happiness Declining? (ABC News)
» Patience is the Key to Happiness (Huffington Post)

Happiness Resources

» Positive Emotion and Psychopathology Lab
» Greater Good Science Center (UC Berkeley)
» Positive Emotion and Psychophysiology Lab (UNC-Chapel Hill)
» Positive Psychology Center (U Penn)
» Positive Psychology Laboratory (UC Riverside)
» Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory (UC Berkeley)
» Gratitude and Well-Being Laboratory (UC Davis)
» Personality and Well-Being Laboratory (SF State University)
» International Positive Psychology Association
» Subjective Well-being Laboratory (Michigan State University)
» Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory (Vassar)
» Interdisciplinary Affective Science Laboratory (Northeastern University)
» MoodTraining.Org (University of Pittsburgh)

News & Events

We will be holding a mini-conference poster presentation day on 04/19 from 10:00-11:00am in Kirtland Hall Room 207. Students will present their final group research projects. All are welcome! Refreshments will be provided.

Enrollment is near full at this point. Sorry. Contact instructor if you have questions.

Thursday, January 12, 2012
Kirtland Hall 207